Scientific Committees


  • 01 februari 2017

    Did you know the European Commission's Scientific Committees are working hard to protect your health?  They help keep you safe by giving careful consideration to things you might not even think about and their work impacts on EU legislation.

    Take a look at this new video clip to find out more!

  • 14 november 2016

    A model is a simple representation of reality that helps us to understand how something works. But models can also help us to understand unknowns or predict what might happen. So, for example, we can we predict the potential risk to humans from chemicals or contaminants in food. An EFSA scientist explains.
    (courtesy of the European Food Safety Authority)

  • 21 maart 2016

    Taking account of what you don't know (as well as what you do know) is an intrinsic part of science. Dr Andy Hart from Fera Science Ltd explains how information on "uncertainties" helps people to better understand the likelihood of different outcomes and support informed decision-making, both in science and in everyday life.
    (courtesy of the European Food Safety Authority)

  • 16 juli 2013

    Environmental risk assessment is a scientific process that identifies and evaluates threats to the environment, in particular to living organisms, their habitats and ecosystems. An EFSA scientist explains how this process helps to ensure that products that are put on the European market do not cause unacceptable harm to the environment.
    (courtesy of the European Food Safety Authority)