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Source document:
SCENIHR (2006)

Summary & Details:
GreenFacts (2007)



9. Conclusion – Are existing methodologies to assess the potential human health and environmental risks associated with products of nanotechnology appropriate?

To the question: “Are existing methodologies appropriate to assess potential and plausible risks associated with different kinds of nanotechnologies and processes associated with nanosized materials as well as the engineered and adventitious products of nanotechnologies?”, the SCENIHR is of the opinion that:

To the question: “If existing methodologies are not appropriate to assess the hypothetical and potential risks associated with certain kinds of nanotechnologies and their engineered and adventitious products, how should existing methodologies be adapted and/or completed?””, the SCENIHR is of the opinion that:

Existing methodologies need to be modified or new ones developed so that they are able:

More specifically, these methodologies need to provide information on how nanoparticles distribute in human tissues and in the environment.

To the question: “In general terms, what are the major gaps in knowledge necessary to underpin risk assessment in the areas of concern?””, the SCENIHR is of the opinion that:

The major gaps in knowledge that need to be filled to allow for satisfactory risk assessments for humans and ecosystems to be performed include:


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