Health programme

Previous Programmes

In 1993 the Commission presented a Communication on the Framework for Action in the Field of Public Health as an initial strategy document to develop work on public health. On this basis, eight action programmes on health promotion, cancer, drug dependence, AIDS and other communicable diseases, health monitoring, rare diseases, accidents and injuries, and pollution-related diseases, were agreed.

All of these were replaced by the Public Health Programme (2003–2008) and the Health Programme (2008-2013).

arrow  Health promotion
The aim was to improve the general standard of health by improving knowledge about risk factors, and encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles and behaviour.

arrow  Health monitoring
The aim was to produce comparable information on health and health-related behaviour of the population, on diseases and health systems based on European-wide common agreed indicators.

arrow  Communicable disease
The objectives of the programme were to help contain the spread of AIDS and reduce mortality and morbidity due to communicable diseases.

arrow  Cancer
The Community action plan against cancer contained 22 measures, covering the fields of data collection, public information, education, cancer training for health-care workers, early detection and systematic screening, quality of care, and research.

arrow  Rare diseases
The aim of the programme was to develop work on rare diseases. Specific attention was given to improving knowledge and to facilitating access to information about these diseases.

arrow  Injury prevention
The aim was to contribute to public health activities which seek to reduce the incidence of home and leisure injuries.

arrow  Pollution related diseases
The aim of this programme was to help to develop policies and strategies in the field of health and the environment, focusing on the prevention of pollution-related diseases, including the improvement of knowledge and understanding of health risks associated with them.

arrow  Drug prevention
The aim was to help in combating drug dependence, in particular by encouraging cooperation between the Member States, supporting their action and promoting coordination between their policies and programmes.