Health programme

Programme 2003-2008

The Public Health Programme (2003-2008) ran from 1 January 2003 to 31 December 2007. The Programme adopted for the first time an integrated approach towards protecting and improving health. It promoted work in three areas: health information, rapid reaction to health threats and health promotion through addressing health determinants. 352 projects and other actions were co-financed by the Programme.

Descriptions of all the projects financed under the programme can be found in the database of the Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency.


The Public Health Programme underwent an external mid-term evaluation in 2006.

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The purpose of the evaluation was to obtain independent, evidence based information on the implementation and achievements of the programme during its first three years (2003 - 2005).

A final evaluation on the implementation of the Programme is on going, and the report is expected by the end 2010.