Health programme


The Public Health Programme underwent an external evaluation during the course of 2006. This evaluation was foreseen in the Decision taken by the European Parliament and the Council establishing the programme.

The purpose of the evaluation is to obtain independent, evidence based information on the implementation and achievement of the programme during its first three years (2003 - 2005).

The aim of the evaluation is to assess:
  • The impact the programme has achieved on health in the EU by providing European added value, complementing Member State health measures, and its ability to reach citizens and stakeholders.
  • Efficiency of the use of resources together with effectiveness and sustainability to meet the programme objectives.
  • Consistency and complementarity with other relevant programmes, actions and initiatives carried out by the European Commission.

Results of the evaluation will be used to provide feedback for future Commission initiatives in the field of Public Health.

The external evaluators have prepared an inception report which explains the methodology to be used for the evaluation and to approach stakeholders.

The final evaluation report is now available.

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