Health programme

Info Day on the Third Health Programme 2014-2020

Brussels, 11 April 2014 (10.00-13.00)

About the Info Day

The Third EU Health Programme 2014-2020 has entered into force. The purpose of this Info Day was to inform about the main features of the Third Health Programme and how it can contribute to foster health in Europe by encouraging cooperation between Member States to improve the health policies that benefit their citizens.



The Info Day provided an overview of the Third Health Programme and gave an opportunity to stakeholders to ask questions and learn more on its design and practical implementation, in particular:

  1. What is the overall aim of this programme and what is new if compared to previous programmes?
  2. What is the EU added value?
  3. What are the objectives and priorities foreseen?
  4. Who can benefit from the programme?
  5. What is the available budget and what are the financial mechanisms involved?
  6. How will the programme be implemented?


The Info Day brought together potential beneficiaries of the programme, health institutions and organisations, non-governmental organisations, academia active in the field of health, health professionals, national and regional authorities, representation offices, professional groups, business operators, international organisations active in the field of health and other relevant stakeholders.

Video Recording

The Conference was broadcast online.