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Health Security Committee (HSC)

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The EU Health Security Committee was set up in 2001 at the request of EU Health Ministers as an informal advisory group on health security at European level. In 2013 Decision 1082/2013/EU  formalised and strengthened its role. The Committee is mandated to reinforce the coordination and sharing of best practice and information on national preparedness activities. Member States also consult each other within the Committee with a view to coordinating national responses to serious cross border threats to health, including events declared a public health emergency of international concern by World Health Organisation in accordance with the International Health Regulations. The Committee further deliberates on communication messages to health care professionals and the public in order to provide consistent and coherent information adapted to Member States' needs and circumstances. It is chaired by a representative of the Commission, which also provides the secretariat.

The plenary meetings of the Health Security Committee are organised in the secure facilities of the Château de Senningen, provided through the Luxembourg government.

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List of authorities to which the representatives in the Health Security Committee belong


Austria – Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection Italy - Ministry of Health
Belgium - Ministry of Health, Food chain safety and environment Latvia - State Emergency Medical Center
Bulgaria - Ministry of Health + National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Lithuania - Ministry of Health + Health Emergency Situations Centre
Croatia – National Institute of Public Health Luxembourg - Ministry of Health
Cyprus - Ministry of Health Malta - Ministry for Energy and Health + Office of the Superintendance Public Health
Czechia - Ministry of Health + National institute of public health Netherlands - Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
Denmark - Danish Health Authority Poland - Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
Estonia - Health Board + Ministry of Social Affairs Portugal - Directorate-General of Health
Finland - Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Romania - Ministry of Health + National Institute for Public Health
France – Ministry of Health Slovakia - Public Health Authority
Germany - Federal Ministry of Health Slovenia - Ministry of Health
Greece - Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention Spain - Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equity
Hungary - Ministry of Human Capacities Sweden - Ministry of Health and Social Affairs + Public Health Agency + National Board of Health and Welfare
Ireland - Department of Health  


Iceland - Directorate of Health Serbia -  Ministry of Health
Lichtenstein - Office for Public Health Turkey - Turkish Public Health Institution
Norway - Ministry of Health and Care Service + Norwegian Institute of Public Health