Crisis preparedness and response

Risk communication

Clear and effective information and communication with the public and fellow EU governments is an essential part of the crisis response.

The Commission seeks to improve this by:

  • developing EU-wide strategies
  • better integrating communicators into the crisis-management process
  • strengthening their cooperation with decision-makers and risk managers.

Communicators' network

The Health Security Committee (HSC)  has established a network that brings together communicators from national risk-management authorities, the Commission and EU agencies.

Within the EU, the network helps communicators cooperate with each other:

  • during a crisis – share information in the early stages and coordinate common strategies and messages to the public.
  • longer-term – exchange best practice on health risks/crisis communication and recommendations for preventing diseases caused by the threats.

Globally, the network is an important channel for containing and mitigating global health threats. It enables the EU to spread information rapidly worldwide, by connecting with existing communicators' networks under the Global Health Security Initiative and the WHO network under the International Health Regulations (IHR).