EU Health Policy

Interest Groups

The general public, interest groups and organisations are all able to contribute to the EU's health-related activities through structures set up by the European Commission. These structures encourage buy-in from the public and professionals, ensuring that useful exchanges take place, and resulting in evidence-based policy-making.

EU Health Policy Platform

The EU Health Policy Platform is the main forum for communication and cooperation between health interest groups and organisations, and the European Commission. It also improves communication among these organisations.

It aims to:

  • Provide a framework for dialogue between the Commission and health-related interest groups or organisations
  • Facilitate targeted discussions between Commission departments and these groups
  • Make health policy dialogue transparent
  • Build knowledge of public health issues and relevant expertise
  • Spread information about DG Health and Food Safety's projects (e.g. co-funded Health Programme projects)
  • Identify, share and encourage replication of good health policy practices
  • Gather and circulate research outcomes
  • Provide information on other health-related policy areas.

The Platform is open to all these health-related interest groups and organisations legally registered in the EU and in the Transparency Registry.

  • Rules of procedure
  • Meetings
  • Live webinars
    These live webinars on timely and important public health topics were organised by the EU Health Policy Platform in collaboration with health organisations.
    Register as a EU Health Policy Platform user to find all the webinar presentations and more information about these and other topics.
    Registered users may promote their work on the platform, reaching a large target audience that is particularly interested in public health.

EU Health Award

Through the EU Health Award, the European Commission highlights outstanding contributions to healthcare or health policy in their community.

Each year, the EU Health Award covers a different topic with good practices included in the EU Health Policy Platform to inspire others to adopt similar approaches.