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The European Commission has requested the SCHER to prepare an opinion on risk assessment on indoor air quality. The preliminary version of the opinion can be found herepdf

The SCHER has adopted a preliminary report on the risk assessment of indoor air quality to provide the Commission with a sound scientific basis for developing and implementing policies on indoor air. The report covers indoor environments where the general public may be exposed to pollutants, such as private homes and public buildings. The preliminary report identified a number of factors in the indoor environment that can affect well-being and health, which include chemicals emitted from different sources, particles, microbes, humidity, pets and pests. The report also identifies gaps in knowledge, especially regarding human exposure, health effects and the impact of indoor air quality on vulnerable groups.

Interested parties are invited to send their comments on the preliminary opinion via the following website

A document on guidelines for submission of contributionspdf, containing criteria for the public consultation and guidance for submission can be found

Deadline for submission of comments: 03 April 2007

Please note that comments received after the deadline CANNOT be taken into account.

Please note that comments which do not relate to the scope of this public consultation or do not comply with the criteria for these public consultations will not be considered.

More information on SCHER and the other Scientific Committees of the European Commission can be found here.



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