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What have been the achievements of the Commission's Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity & Health? What challenges do the Platform's members face in delivering on their commitments? Is industry self-regulation enough to address the obesity epidemic in Europe? What are the next steps for the Platform?

Robert Madelin, Director-General of the Commission's DG for Health and Consumers, answers these questions and more, in two interviews. He gave the first one last March on the platform's second anniversary.

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The second interview took place after the Commission went ahead with two major initiatives in its efforts to combat obesity and promote physical activity - the White Paper on Nutrition (endorsed on May 30, 2007) and the joint TV advertising campaign with UEFA (launched on August 30, 2007).

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new To mark the fourth anniversary of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity & Health, Robert Madelin, Director General for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO) of the European Commission speaks about the maturation of this multi-stakeholder platform and the power of co-operative voluntarism, accelerating outputs to address nutrition and health issues in Europe

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