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Closing event: Joint Action on Health workforce planning and forecasting

3-4 May, Mons (Belgium)

About the Closing Event

The Joint Action on health workforce planning and forecasting will end in June 2016. The event organized in Mons, Belgium the 3rd and 4th May, "Towards a sustainable health workforce for Europe" is the closing event: it will present the results obtained through the three-year cooperation and give a vision for future cooperation.


About 200 participants are expected, including the partners of the Joint Action, policy-makers, stakeholders and academia in the field of health workforce planning.

The Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Dr. Vytenis Andriukaitis, will open the event on the 3rd May, along with Belgian and Slovakian Ministry of Health representatives.

About the Joint Action

The Joint Action on Health workforce planning and forecasting is co-funded by the Health programme. It brings together 31 associated partners, 62 collaborative partners from 28 countries, including organisations such as social partners in the health sector (EPSU and HOSPEEM), WHO Europe, OECD, and professional organisations in the health sector.

Its objective is to provide a platform for Member States to work together on forecasting health workforce needs and workforce planning methodologies and to find possible solutions to the shortage of the health workforce in Europe.