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Table 3: The examples of equivalent time-intensity levels referred to the action levels

according to the Directive 2003/10/EC

Action level LAeq8h Equivalent levels for time indicated (trade-off 3dB)
* hr: hours
** min: minutes
First Action level (minimum)
provide protection
80dB(A) 83dB(A)-4hr*; 86dB(A)-2hr;
89dB(A)-1hr; 92dB(A)-30min**; 95dB(A)-15min;
98dB(A)-8min; 101dB(A)-4min;
104dB(A)-2min; 107dB(A)-1min
Second Action level
mandatory protection
85dB(A) 88dB(A)-4hr; 91dB(A)-2hr;
94dB(A)-1hr; 97dB(A)-30min; 100dB(A)-15min;
105dB(A)-5min; 111dB(A)-1min
Maximum Exposure limit value 87dB(A) 90dB(A)-4hr; 93dB(A)-2hr;
96dB(A)-1hr; 99dB(A)-30min; 102dB(A)-15min;
107dB(A)-5min; 113dB(A)-1min

Source: SCENIHR,  Potential health risks of exposure to noise from personal music players and mobile phones including a music playing function (2008) , Sections 3.3.5., Page 21.