Nutrition and physical activity

EU platform for action on diet, physical activity and health

The EU platform for action on diet, physical activity and health is a forum for European-level organisations, including

  • Food business operators (manufacturers, retailers, caterers, fast food restaurants);
  • Consumer organisations;
  • Public health NGOs;
  • Scientific and professional associations.

The platform receives guidance from the high level group on nutrition and physical activity on its priorities.

Voluntary commitments of the members aim to support national governments in EU countries in

  • Reducing the intake of salt, saturated fat, trans fat and added sugars;
  • Increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables;
  • Reducing the exposure to and impact on children of marketing of foods;
  • Increasing regular physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour;
  • Increasing the rates of exclusive and continued breastfeeding; and
  • Reducing diet and physical activity related inequalities.

How is progress assessed?

Platform members share their action plans with each other, setting out what they intend to achieve and by what means. The World Health Organisation (WHO), the Joint Research Center (JRC) and the European Commission will jointly provide their assessment on whether commitments are sufficiently relevant to the objectives of the platform.

Members report each year on the progress in achieving the results of their action, as well as the resources and effort invested. Their annual monitoring reports are examined by external auditors.

More than 300 voluntary commitments are collected in the Platform database.

The platform meets regularly and holds joint meetings with the high level group on nutrition and physical activity.

The platform visualised

The EU Platform visualised
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How to join the effort?

Please consult with open calls published on the Register of expert groups.