Nutrition and physical activity

EU platform for diet, physical activity and health: Database

Platform members have agreed to share with each other their action plans, setting out what they intend to achieve and by what means. Participants have reported activities carried out since 2004. The aim is that each Platform member commit each year to devoting an increasing level of resources and effort, beyond their baselines, for current or new actions designed to meet the objectives of the Platform.

The purpose of the Platform database is to collate those actions. These cover a diverse range of initiatives, from many different stakeholders, and the database has been designed as a means of effectively collecting actions and presenting them in a way that allows members and external parties to view, analyse, sort and compare actions.

Actions are placed on the database solely on the fact that they have been put forward by members. There is no assessment or approval system for actions, either from the Platform or the Commission, and inclusion on the database does not confirm any kind of specific status.