Nutrition and physical activity

World Health Organisation (WHO) Ministerial Conference on Counteracting Obesity, 15-17 November 2006

Markos Kyprianou, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, visited Istanbul, Turkey from 14-17 November, to attend the World Health Organisation (WHO) Ministerial Conference on Counteracting Obesity. The conference brought together high level representatives from the 53 countries in the WHO Europe region, with a view to giving political impetus to the campaign against obesity and the promotion of healthier diets and more physical activity.

The central aim of the conference was to obtain WHO Member States agreement on a Charter on Counteracting Obesity to provide political guidance for future action in this area. The Charter was successfully adopted on Thursday 16 November. Commissioner Kyprianou issued a declaration in support of the Charter, which underlines the importance of co-ordinated action on obesity, nutrition and physical activity across the whole of Europe.

As part of the Conference the European Commission organised a satellite event on Public Private Partnerships, chaired by Robert Madelin, Director General Health and Consumer Protection, on Friday 17 November 2006.

The Commission also organised a lunchtime project seminar on Thursday 15 November, 2006 with presentations of European Community funded research and public health projects relevant to nutrition and physical activity. Relevant papers are available.