Хранене и физическа активност

Substances of human origin

Оценка на риска

Endocrine disruptors


High level group on nutrition and physical activity, Luxembourg, 1 June 2016

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Priorities of the Upcoming Presidency
Charmaine Gauci
Ministry for Health and Energy, Malta

What is New
Jan Wollgast
Joint Research Center

JPI a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life
Jolien Wenink

Annual Monitoring Report 2016 of the EU Platform
Christina Dziewanska-Stringer

Inform and Empower Families
Daniel Schönert
IN FORM, Germany

Update Food Reformulation
Letteke Boot
Ministry of Public Health, Wellbeing and Sport, the Netherlands

National Policy Update
Mojca Gabrijelcic
Institute of Public Health, Slovenia