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Dissemination workshop - My healthy family and We love eating, Brussels, 16 December 2015

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My healthy family: Project to promote the consumption of fruit and vegetables in 4 EU regions in Poland and Hungary

Key aspects of organisation and implementation of the project
Marta Sitkiewicz and Renata Bojczuk

Fruit and vegetables consumption: Comparative studies between Hungary and Poland
Ewa Piatkowska, Agriculture University in Krakow
Faculty of Food Technology

Healthy diets as a contemporary challenge in the EU
David Cavan
International Diabetes Federation

We love eating: Project to promote healthy lifestyles in 7 EU cities

Understanding the context and scientific basis
Bruce Trail
Member of the We love eating Scientific Board

Introduction to objectives and approach
Eva Prudilova
P.A.U. Education

Evaluation and results
Sara Gysen
GfK Belgium

Reference framework for sustainable cities: A European tool for transversal issues such as urban food
Julie Delcroix Coudun
Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)

Together: Promoting healthy diets to pregnant and breastfeeding women

Objectives and methodology
Begoña García Campos
P.A.U. Education