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Mental health

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Policies and services addressing mental health are the responsibility of individual EU countries. However, the need to include mental health among the priorities of the public health agenda has resulted in renewed focus at EU level.

EU Framework on mental health and well-being

The Joint Action on Mental health and Well-being, launched in 2013 and ran until 2018, resulted in the European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Wellbeing, which supports EU-countries to review their policies and share experiences in improving policy efficiency and effectiveness. It aims to:

  • Develop mental health promotion and prevention and early intervention programmes

  • Ensure the transition to comprehensive mental health treatment and quality care

  • Strengthen knowledge, evidence and best practice sharing in mental health.

EU-Compass for action on mental health and well-being

The EU Compass for action on mental health and well-being assisted with the implementation of the framework by communicating the Joint Action's priorities. The online platform facilitated the collection, exchange, and analysis of information on action in mental health.

The Compass communicated information on the European Framework for Action. It monitored mental health and wellbeing policies and activities of EU countries, and non-governmental actors through:

  • The identification and dissemination of European good practices in mental health

  • The collection of data on stakeholders’ and national activities in mental health

  • The organisation of three annual reports and forum events

  • Holding mental health workshops across the EU, and in Iceland and Norway

The EU Compass collaborated with an EU-Group of governmental experts and non-governmental actors in the preparation of four annual scientific papers.

Policy and good practice

  • Information on progress made by EU countries and NGOs active in the field of mental health promotion is available in the EU Compass annual activity reports.

  • Scientific reports also assess a specific thematic issue, providing a summary of relevant activities in the EU, best practices, and recommendations for future action.

  • The annual EU Mental Health Compass forum offers the opportunity for high-level discussions on the results of annual surveys, and progress on implementation of the European Framework.