Non-communicable diseases

Meeting to discuss the transfer of best practices selected by the Steering Group on Promotion and Prevention with interested countries


8 February 2018, Luxembourg

About the meeting

The main aim of this meeting was to discuss the actions concerning two best practices which have been selected by Member States for transfer and scaling-up in 2017 to be co-funded from the Health Programme in 2018.

These best practices are:
1. A sustainable, active, primary prevention strategy for Cardiovascular Diseases in Italy for adults 50+ (Cardio 50)
This best practice would support interested Member States in implementing preventive programmes based on an active call of the population to identify asymptomatic individuals with unknown hypertension and/or hyperglycaemia and to offer lifestyle interventions.

2. Physical Activity on Prescription – an initiative in the Swedish healthcare system
Knowledge transfer would take place based on the successful experience of Sweden with introduction of the prescription of physical activity by general practitioners.