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Second EU Mental Health Compass Forum

Luxembourg, 8-9 June 2017



About the Conference

The second Annual EU Compass Forum on Mental Health and Well-being took place in Luxembourg on 8-9 June 2017. The event was aimed to diverse stakeholders such as policy makers and Member State representatives, non-governmental stakeholders from advocacy groups and care organisations, as well as mental health care providers, professionals, and service users. The purpose of the Forum was to discuss the implementation of policy recommendations of the Joint Action European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-being and the outcomes of activities related to the work of the EU Compass during 2016-2017.

The focus of this year’s Forum was Mental Health at Work, Mental Health at Schools, and Prevention of Suicide. In line with this, an EU Compass scientific paper on the theme of mental health at work was presented and both days included interactive break-out sessions to discuss the key topics. Moreover, the results of the annual EU Compass surveys regarding the activities of member States and stakeholders in mental health were presented.

The Forum invited participants to discuss the three annual themes, draw conclusions on the EU Compass scientific paper, and propose ideas to further improve mental health at work, in schools and as regards the prevention of suicide in EU Member States.

Organisers: Consortium led by the Trimbos Institute in the Netherlands together with the NOVA University of Lisbon, the Finnish Association for Mental Health and EuroHealthNet under the EU Health Programme (2014-2020) in the frame of a service contract with the Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) acting under the mandate from the European Commission.

Please contact Vianey Zwezerijnen ( if you would like to be invited to the Forum.


Programme of the Conference


Video recording

The Conference was broadcast live, see the video recording:


José Miguel Caldas de Almeida
University NOVA Lisbon
EU Actions in Mental Health and Well-being
Stefan Schreck
Directorate-General Health and Food Safety, European Commission

Mental health at work and schools
Shruti Singh
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

The EU Compass for Action on Mental Health and Well-being
Ionela Petrea
Trimbos Institute (Netherlands), Leader EU Compass for Mental Health and Well-being

The European monitoring mechanism for mental health
Johannes Parkkonen
Finnish Association for Mental Health (Finland)
2017 Progress report in Member States and key stakeholders
Diana Frasquilho
Lisbon Institute of Global Mental Health, Nova Medical School (Portugal)

Introduction of session on Mental Health at Schools
Kristian Wahlbeck
Finnish Association for Mental Health (Finland)

Schools for Mental Health: what does good look like?
Goof Buijs
Schools for Health in Europe

What impact can teachers have on the mental health of their pupils and what do they need?
Ton Duif
European School Heads Association

How Ministries of Education and Health can work together
Jean-Baptiste Rouffet
Directorate General for Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (France)

Questions and remarks – Plenary feedback from the break-out sessions

Introduction of session on Mental Health at Workplace
Caroline Costongs

Mental health at work: state of play
Stavroula Leka
University of Nottingham, Centre for Organisation Health and Development (United Kingdom)

The impact of campaigns on mental health at work
Brenda O’Brien
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

How can micro, small and medium enterprises promote a positive mental health environment
Mona Wyverkens
Union of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (UNIZO), representing the European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EUAPME)

Plenary feedback from the break-out sessions

Conclusions of the Forum and closing
John F. Ryan
Directorate-General Health and Food Safety, European Commission