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First EU Mental Health Compass Forum

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Luxembourg, 6-7 October 2016



About the Conference

On the 6th to 7th of October in 2016, the first Annual EU Compass Forum on Mental Health and
Well-being took place in Luxembourg. The event was attended by diverse stakeholders such as policy makers and Member State representatives. Other attendees included non-governmental stakeholders from advocacy groups and care organisations, as well as mental health care providers, professionals, and service users. The purpose of the Forum was to discuss the implementation of policy recommendations of the Joint Action European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-being and the outcomes of activities related to the work of the EU Compass during 2015-2016.

The focus of this year’s Forum was the prevention of depression and the promotion of resilience, and improving access to mental health care. In line with this, two EU Compass scientific papers on these themes were thoroughly discussed during break-out sessions and interactive round-table meetings. Moreover, the results of the annual EU Compass surveys regarding the activities of member States and stakeholders in mental health, as well as about good practices in EU Member States were presented.

The Forum invited participants to discuss the annual themes, draw conclusions on the EU Compass scientific papers, and most importantly, to share thoughts and propose ideas to further improve mental health and mental health care in EU Member States. Due to the interactive nature of the sessions, the Forum has led to fruitful discussions and has provided valuable input that will steer activities in mental health.

Organizers: Consortium led by the Trimbos Institute in the Netherlands together with the NOVA University of Lisbon, the Finnish Association for Mental Health and EuroHealthNet under the EU Health Programme (2014-2020) in the frame of a service contract with the Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) acting under the mandate from the European Commission.

Conference Programme