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Mission and Aims

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Within the general context of the EU Health Policy Platform, the 2019 EU Health Award means to recognise cities, NGOs and cities which are achieving a positive change in their community by preventing and reducing obesity in children and young people. It will celebrate their commitment and raise awareness of the vital role cities, NGOs and schools play in strengthening participative democracy and active citizenship in public health.

The 2019 Award is set up in order to highlight and reward initiatives of cities, NGOs and schools acting at international, European, national and regional level.

The specific theme of the Award differs every year. In 2015, initiatives that helped combat the Ebola outbreak and prevent the spread of the disease were awarded. In 2016, initiatives that helped protect human health against Antimicrobial Resistance were highlighted. In 2017, the Health Award focused on rewarding initiatives that contribute to a higher level of public health in the European Union through Vaccination. In 2018, the European Commission dedicated the fourth edition of the EU Health Award to initiatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that contribute to a higher level of public health in the European Union by working to prevent tobacco use among young Europeans.

Over time, the EU Health Policy Platform will gather good practices from these cities, NGOs and schools, enabling others to be inspired or to re-create them. It is, thus, in line with the 3rd Health Programme which also supports identification, dissemination and implementation of good practices that improve health and quality of life in a cost-efficient manner. The EU Health Award is funded under the 3rd Health Programme 2014-2020.

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