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Issue 174, 26 May 2016


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The Tobacco Products Directive – Implementation in the EU

by Dr. Martina Pötschke-Langer MD, M.A., Head of Unit Cancer Prevention WHO Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Control, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

by Dr. Martina Pötschke-Langer MD, M.A., Head of Unit Cancer Prevention WHO Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Control, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

On May 20th, the new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) became applicable in the EU Member States. The Directive is an important achievement for public health in the EU and aims in particular to discourage young people from smoking.

The Directive will bring major changes to the tobacco products sold in the EU. Flavoured cigarettes that are attractive to young people such as fruit or menthol will not be allowed. Cigarette packages will carry large combined health warnings that remind consumers of the risks of smoking. Tobacco companies will not be able to market their products through misleading terms such [...]

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Study on the submission of data for tobacco and related products

Proposals and technical specifications warnings on tobacco packages

Study on EU Systems for Tracking and Tracing of Tobacco Products and for Security Features


News from the EU 

EU Health Award 2016 – Call for applications  »

In 2016, the Commission’s EU Health Award will recognise and reward the efforts and achievements of European NGOs working to reduce the health threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Commission proposes better workers' protection against cancer-causing chemicals  »

The Commission has proposed changes to the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (2004/37/EC) to limit exposure to 13 cancer-causing chemicals at the workplace. Cancer is the leading cause of work-related deaths in the EU.

Ebola response part of discussions at the 69th World Health Assembly, 23-28 May 2016  »

The Commission convened an audio meeting with the Health Security Committee on 27April to discuss the draft recommendations of the Review Committee on the role of the International Health Regulations in the Ebola outbreak and response in preparation of the World Health Assembly.

New publications 

EMA Annual report on benefits and infringements under the Paediatric Regulation  »

On an annual basis the European Medicines Agency reports on companies and products that have benefitted from the rewards and incentives provided by the Paediatric Regulation No 1901/2006.

Risks in Rio? New ECDC report looks at communicable diseases at the Olympics  »

This report, to be discussed at the EU Health Security Committee meeting in June, looks at potential risks of travelling to areas with the Zika virus.

Supporting innovative enterprises as major drivers of new pharmaceutical developments  »

The European Medicines Agency has published a report summarising the experience with its small and medium-sized enterprise initiative over the last ten years.

Reporting from across Europe 

New strategy approved to help support those with neurodegenerative diseases  [Spain]  »

The strategy aims to improve diagnosis, give personal attention to patients and help caregivers to get the support they need.

Steps taken to encourage innovation in medical devices  [France]  »

The new measures to encourage innovation in medical devices include simplifying authorisation procedures, among other things.

Breastfeeding campaign 2016: an investment for life  [Italy]  »

This campaign funded by the Ministry of Health aims to promote and foster breastfeeding as a natural practice of paramount importance for the health of both mother and child.

EU Press Releases 

European Obesity Day held 21 May  »

European Obesity Day is organised by the European Association for the Study of Obesity in conjunction with its 32 member associations in 32 countries. Find more info and related press releases on the European Obesity Day website.

European Federation of Dieticians committed to reducing obesity  »

On European Obesity Day, the Federation restated their commitment to reducing obesity. Along with Member States, the Commission, other stakeholders and industry, they are working to reformulate foods and drinks to give consumers more and healthier choices.

Can regulators influence the affordability of medicines?  »

High medicine prices and their impact on the sustainability of health care systems are increasingly worrisome and regulators are willing to help solve the problem and facilitate continued patient access to safe and effective medicines.

EU Health Award for NGOs 

Médicos del Mundo España and Doctors of the World UK  »

Medicos del Mundo Spain and Doctors of the World UK, emergency response to Ebola

Plan International Deutschland e.V  »

Reducing mortality and morbidity related to the Ebola Virus in Liberia and minimising the impact on affected children, families and communities through social mobilisation

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