Mental health

Mental health and Well-being - National authorities activities

National-level mental health documents

Many Member States have adopted own mental health strategies or action plans, while others address it through their general health policies. A collection of key national documents from Member States can be found here

Regional-level mental health documents

Regions, and local levels, play important roles in action on mental health. In some Member States with federal structures, key responsabilities for mental health are at regional level. A collection of reional documents from Member States can be found here.

Mental health initiatives in Member States

A great number of initiatives on Mental Health exists in Member States. A collection can be found here

Further mental health reports

Information about mental health systems, policies and situations in Member States is available in a number of comparative reports. Some example can be found here.

Overview of mental health situations in Member States

The Commission services have established a set of briefing sheets on mental health situations and activities in Member States. The majority of them have been validated by Member States.