Mental health

Green Paper on Mental Health consultation. Vienna, 16-17 March 2006

Green Paper on Mental Health consultation
Second thematic meetings
“Social inclusion and fundamental rights in mental health”
Vienna, 16-17 March 2006


Group “Dialogue with Member States”


Group “Platform on mental health” jointly with “Interface between research and policy”

Working documents for the meetings:


Day 1. Thursday 16th March

I. Plenary session 1: Opening Statements

II. Plenary session 2: Introduction into social inclusion in mental health

III. Group session 1: Social inclusion in mental health

Day 2. Friday 17th March

IV. Plenary session 3: Feedback by rapporteurs from group discussions in session 3 "Social Inclusion in Mental Health"

V. Plenary session 4: Introduction into fundamental rights in mental health

VI. Group session 2: Fundamental rights in Mental Health

VII. Plenary session 5: Report from group discussion and conclusions

VIII. Summary by conference facilitator Professor Norman Sartorius

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