Mental health

Add policy or good practice to the DB

The EU database involves policies and good practices of stakeholder initiatives, which were identified through EU-projects, work with Member States and other contacts.

The EU database includes good practice at a variety of levels:

  • national or regional policies;
  • programmes implemented at the European, national or regional level;
  • training courses or events;
  • national or thematic databases or other information resources, such as bibliographic or online material.

If you want to add policy description or good practice to the database, please use the online template. You will first need to “register as a new user" on the same pages. After completing the template your contribution will be sent first for validation by the database administrators.

Instructions: Description and definition of policies and good practices

Alternatively, please complete and return one or more of the following Word Templates, with relevant supporting documents, to the Technical Secretariat at Gencat at the following e-mail address:

Promoting Social Inclusion and Combating Stigma

Mental health in youth and education:

Prevention of depression and suicide:

Mental health in older people:

Mental health in the workplace: