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Open call for interested stakeholders to apply for participation in the preparatory meeting for the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer

October 2009

In order to take the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer forward, the Communication on Action Against Cancer: European Partnership proposes a specific joint action to be supported by the Health Programme as from 2010. Within the framework of the Health Programme , 'joint action' refers to activities carried out by the Community and one or more Member States or by the Community and the competent authorities of other countries participating in the Programme together.

The European Commission is currently preparing a meeting on the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer. The meeting initially planned to take place in Luxembourg in November is now scheduled to take place on the 7-8 December 2009 in Brussels.

The European Commission will invite Member States of the EU, international organisations and experts to participate in the meeting. The European Commission also invites other stakeholders to apply for participation in the first meeting for the European Partnership Against Cancer.

The intention of the meeting is to:

  • agree the structure of the cooperation as proposed in the Communication on Action Against Cancer: European Partnership and criteria for participation of different stakeholders
  • agree on the role of different stakeholders in the process
  • agree on main actions.

To ensure equal and fair representation, all stakeholders whose objectives fall in line with the overarching aim of the Partnership are in principle welcome to join the initiative. However, in order to obtain balanced stakeholder representation, members representing a specific organisation, interest area or industry shall as far as possible be represented by umbrella organisations operating at European level, as well as being capable and willing to play an active role in reducing the European burden of cancer. Stakeholders who are represented by an umbrella organisation are also welcome to join the Partnership, but will participate under the aegis of their organisation.

If you are interested to participate in the Partnership and you are willing to actively contribute to the process, you are welcome to apply for participation in the meeting. The focus of the Partnership will be the activities at European level that can bring added value to Member States' efforts in cancer prevention and control. Therefore, future participants in the Partnership must be able to demonstrate the capability of contributing to the achievement of this goal, either by contributing to European activity or by transmitting the knowledge to national, regional or local level.

If you wish to participate in the meeting as a potential participant in the European Partnership, please send an application which includes:

cover letter ("lettre de motivation"), including a short presentation of your organisation/institution/body (max. 1 page),

contact details,

presentation of your contribution to the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer (indicating to which of the four identified areas you would contribute in particular and how) (min 2 pages)

A specific organisation, entity or industry must as far as possible be represented by umbrella organisations operating at European level. Please indicate clearly, if you are or you are not part of any umbrella association working in the area of health and/or the area relevant for cancer prevention and control. If you are not a member of any such organisation, which must be clearly stated in the application, you must be able to demonstrate the added value of your participation at European level.

The European Commission will review all applications to ensure balanced and equitable participation focused on achieving the overall objectives of the Partnership. We regret that due to the high degree of interest, it is unlikely that all interested organisations will be able to participate in this meeting, or directly in the joint action. Nevertheless, those organisations not participating in the work of the Partnership directly through the meeting or the joint action will still be able to follow and contribute to this initiative through a 'Virtual Partnership', an interactive website that will be established as part of the Partnership activities.

Please note also that European activities in health promotion relating to cancer, such as tobacco, nutrition, physical activity and environment efforts, will primarily be addressed through existing mechanisms, including the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health and the Alcohol and Health Forum, rather than the Partnership itself.

Please send your application by e-mail or by post by 3 November. You are also welcome to submit applications after this date, but please be advised that the later applications are submitted, the less likely it is that we will be able to accept them, for organisational reasons. Only applications that include the requested information will be considered.


European Commission

DG SANCO (Health Information Unit)

HTC 00/72

L-2920 Luxembourg.