Interest groups

EU Health Policy Platform

It aims to:

  • provide a framework for dialogue between the European Commission & health-related interest groups or organisations
  • facilitate targeted discussions between Commission departments & these groups
  • make health policy dialogue transparent
  • build knowledge of public health issues & relevant expertise
  • spread information about DG Health & Food Safety's projects (e.g. co-funded Health Programme projects…)
  • identify, share & encourage replication of good health policy practices
  • gather & circulate research outcomes
  • make results & outcomes more easily available to interest groups & organisations with specialist interests
  • provide information on other health-related policy areas, taking the 'Health in All Policies' approach.

Who can join the Platform?

To join, your organisation must be one of the following:

  • non-governmental organisations focusing on health issues
  • patient organisations
  • organisations representing health professionals
  • health service providers
  • health insurance bodies
  • research organisations, universities & academic institutions
  • business associations committed to health promotion or protection or disease prevention in Europe.

The Platform is open to all these health-related interest groups and organisations  legally registered in the EU and in the Transparency Registry. For more information, please read the “working methods” of the Platform.

EU Health Policy Web Platform

This enables interest groups or organisations to:

  • start online discussions
  • promote meetings or conferences
  • share health-related knowledge & best practices
  • work on joint statements on health issues
  • contribute to & access a library of relevant materials.

It hosts 3 kinds of networks:

  1. Agora - an open discussion area accessible to all interest groups or organisations registered on the Web Platform
  2. Thematic networks – open to groups or organisations wishing to discuss specific health topics & produce Joint Statements
  3. Network(s) of  EU experts & stakeholder groups - only open to members of existing groups associated with DG Health & Food Safety.

EU Health Policy Platform Meetings

At these meetings, health-related interest groups and organisations meet the Commission for targeted discussions on health issues.

If your organisation falls into this category and wishes to join the Platform, click on the banner below.