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"Together for Health – a Strategy for the EU 2020"

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Dear visitors,

DG 'Health and Consumers' will organise the above conference within the activities of the EU Health Forum in Brussels.

Under the overall theme of "Together for Health – a Strategy for the EU 2020" the conference will mark an important step towards strengthening the involvement of all stakeholders in contributing to the development and implementation of actions and activities to protect and improve the health of European citizens. Building on the progress made through structures as the EU Health Forum, the European Commission will work closely with stakeholder groups, and with regional and local level bodies with a view to optimising their contribution to the implementation of the EU health strategy.

Registration for the EU Open Health conference is welcome from all interested parties and/or organisations from the broader community of interest in EU health policy.

This conference aims to contribute and increase the profile of health in all policies through discussion between EU policy makers and stakeholders on pressing public health issues and their impacts on the Community. The EU Open Health Forum is a mechanism for the European Commission to get feedback from stakeholders on the implementation of the EU Health Policy and to identify the need for new policy initiatives at EU level. It also facilitates networking and exchange of best practice in the implementation of public health policies at EU, national, regional and local level.

The EU Health Strategy aims to deliver concrete results in improving health. As set out in the Lisbon Treaty, the EU has a unique role to improve and protect health and in addition to facilitate cooperation on health. Given Member States' responsibilities in health at national, regional and local levels, and the need to respect subsidiarity, all stakeholders must be closely involved in the implementation of the strategy. To that end, Health in all policies is also about involving new partners in health policy. The European Commission will develop partnerships to promote the goals of the strategy, including with NGOs, industry, academia and the media.
In addition, the on-going process within the EU 2020 strategy demonstrates the importance of health in all policies: EU citizens must be key partners in constructing the strategy and are able to play a key role in delivering the objectives which were laid down.

We look forward to your active participation in the conference. Please feel free to come, but do not forget to register online here!

Paola Testori Coggi
Director General