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IDB network

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IDB network

Almost all member state governments (e.g. their Ministries of Health), have a designated internal unit or an affiliated agency, with the task to explore the possibilities of enhanced injury surveillance efforts in their country and to participate in EU level exchange. These designated centres are the data owners or act on behalf of the data owners as National Data Administrators (NDAs) for the IDB-exchange.

The IDB is under the control of this network of National Data Administrators (NDAs). It operates under a set of house rules and decides on standards related to the data exchange such as revision of classification and quality control requirements and conditions for data access.

Current IDB-management structure

Currently, the European Association for Injury Prevention (EuroSafe) coordinates the network in collaboration with the IDB Advisory Board (Austrian Road Safety Board, Brandenburg authority of Environment, Health and Consumer protection, Danish Institute of Public Health, Dutch Consumer Safety Institute, Centre de Recherche Public de la Santé Luxembourg and Centre for E-Health Research at Swansea University). The Joint Action brings together 26 member states and their competent authorities, signing up for a joint commitment to enhance injury surveillance efforts.

EuroSafe and the IDB Advisory Board:

  • Function as the secretariat of the network and representative towards the Commission services;
  • Assist IDB-NDAs in implementing and maintaining comparable national systems;
  • Collect and check data for upload at European level;
  • Develop and maintain standards and tools for the system, e.g. the IDB- Manual, the Coding Manual and software support tools;
  • Organize network meetings and training events;
  • Promote the use of the database at the European level. 

IDB project is co-funded under the EU-Health programme and managed by Eurosafe. Information available on this page was produced by Eurosafe. Views expressed in this text do not necessarily represent the point of view of the European Commission. The European Commission does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included on this webpage.