Expert Group on Health Information, Luxembourg, 6 December 2017

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Joint Action on Health Information

BRIDGE Health project result and Joint Action on Health Information, InfAct
Petronille Bogaert and Herman Van Oyen
Scientific Institute of Public Health, Belgium

Future role of the EGHI
Giovanni Nicoletti

Linkages between JA and WHO EHII mapping exercises
Mariken Tijhuis

Capacity building: Linkages JA and WHO EHII action
Mika Gissler

State of Health in the EU

Companion report
Matthias Schuppe
European Commission - DG Health and Food Safety

Voluntary exchanges
Matthias Schuppe
European Commission - DG Health and Food Safety

Country Health Profiles
Gaetan Lafortune and Ewout van Ginneken
OECD and European Observatory on Health System

Collaboration with international organisations

State of play on trilateral cooperation
Giulio Gallo
European Commission - DG Health and Food Safety

Health statistics latest developments
Ilze Burkevica and Lucian Agafitei
European Commission - Eurostat