Expert Group on Health Information, Luxembourg, 28-29 January 2015 (Extra-ordinary meeting)

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EU Health information system
Social determinants and health inequalities - Policy needs for health information
Attila Balogh, Agnes Molnar
European Commission - Health and Food Safety

Towards a comprehensive and harmonised Joint Research Centre, The European Commission's cancer information system
Jerica Zupan van Eijk
European Commission - Joint Research Centre

Joint Action ECHIM
Mika Gissler
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Helsinki, Finland 

Health indicators background
Sigurlaug Hauksdottir
European Commisssion - Health and Food Safety

Commission initiative to set up the EU health information system preparatory steps
Giulio Gallo
European Commission - Health and Food Safety

Setting up an ERIC
Paul Tuinder
European Commission - Research and Innovation