Health indicators

Expert Group on Health Information

The Expert Group on Health Information (EGHI) is an advisory group with representatives from EU Member States, European Economic Area countries, possible future EU member countries, and international organisations. The EGHI's aim is to help EU countries make evidence-based health policy.

In particular, the EGHI:

  • advises the Commission on health information needs, technical solutions and priorities for evidence-based health policy making;
  • acts as an interface between EU countries and EU-level health information policies and activities;
  • helps implement EU-wide health information activities in EU countries;
  • acts as an EU-level cooperation platform for health information – exchanging information on health information initiatives by EU countries, the Commission, and international organisations
  • shares best practice on using health information to shape national health policy
  • works with national authorities and EU expert groups – advising on the health information aspects of key EU policies.

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