Health indicators

European Core Health Indicators (ECHI)

Health indicators are sets of data (tables, graphs, maps) on health status, determinants and care in EU member countries and other European countries. They allow for monitoring and comparison, and serve as a basis for policy-making.

Types of health indicator

Out of a complete list of 88 European Core Health Indicators (ECHI), there are nearly 60 health indicators for which data is readily available and reasonably comparable. Where appropriate, figures are given by sex and age as well as by socio-economic status and regional level. ECHI are grouped under the following headings.

Heading Examples
Demographic and socio-economic situation Population, birth rate, total unemployment
Health status Infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, road traffic injuries
Health determinants Regular smokers, consumption/availability of fruit
Health interventions: health services Vaccination of children, hospital beds, health expenditure
Health interventions: health promotion Policies on healthy nutrition

ECHI data tool

The ECHI data tool provides data on European health indicators. Data can be presented in different layouts: line chart, bar chart, map or table. It can be converted into an image or downloaded as a data file. The tool allows a multi-selection of indicators.