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24 Mejju 2019

Anne Bucher, Director-General of DG SANTE (Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety) discusses how the new European Parliament, with elections being held across the EU between 23 and 26 May 2019, will have an impact on EU policies including on Health and, most of all, on citizens lives.

14 Mejju 2019

A Commission decision adopted today will contribute to improving the quality of medicines in the EU by ensuring the quality of active substances produced in the Republic of Korea are in line with EU standards.

13 Mejju 2019

Irene Norstedt, Acting Director for Health research at the Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation, and John F. Ryan, Director of Public Health at the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety, talk about the Third Marketplace of Best Practices in Ispra, Italy, which was organised by the Steering Group on Prevention and Promotion.

06 Mejju 2019

The report explores the different approaches to track pharmaceutical utilisation and expenditure and to anticipate changes in pharmaceutical market dynamics. It examines how EU/EEA countries use them to inform the setting of budgets and spending caps, and as inputs to modelling future expenditure.

03 Mejju 2019

Today, the European Commission is launching a new version of its Union Register of medicinal products. The Union Register lists all medicinal products for human and veterinary use authorised by the Commission through the centralised procedure.

02 Mejju 2019

This Special Eurobarometer looks at the links between vaccination attitudes and behaviour, showing that whilst most EU citizens believe vaccination is an effective way to prevent infectious diseases, they often have misconceptions about the side effects. More findings in the full report.

26 April 2019

The European Commission is organising, in cooperation with the World Health Organisation, a Global Vaccination Summit on 12 September 2019 to give visibility, show political endorsement and promote the benefits of vaccination as a measure of public health that saves millions of lives every year.

12 April 2019

Timo Pesonen, the new Director General of the European Commission's Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG Grow), discusses the revamped Medical Devices section on the European Commission's website that was launched to help smooth the transition to two new Regulations on medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

11 April 2019

Today, the EU Expert Group on Health Systems Performance Assessment (HSPA) published its report titled "Tools and methodologies to assess the efficiency of health care services in Europe: an overview of current approaches and opportunities for improvement".

01 April 2019

On 1 April 2019, the European Commission launches the 2019 EU Health Award for cities, NGOs and schools. This year, the Commission will reward initiatives seeking to prevent and reduce obesity in children and young people (6-18 years).