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19 April 2018

Deputy Director-General for Health and Food Safety Martin Seychell discusses the Steering Group he chairs on Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases.

15 April 2018

The kick-off meeting of the Joint Action on Innovative Partnership for Action against Cancer (IPPAC) takes place today and tomorrow in Luxembourg in the presence of the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis.

11 April 2018

Today in Brussels, the Steering Group on Promotion and Prevention is holding its fourth meeting to discuss best practices to support national policies on non-communicable diseases.

07 April 2018

This year, the Commission will reward NGOs that contributed to the fight against tobacco, especially by stopping young people from taking up smoking and/or using other forms of tobacco.

27 Marts 2018

The Study maps EU-funded cooperation projects for the period 2007 to 2017 in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland, provides insight into opportunities and challenges for cross-border cooperation in healthcare and offers guidance to local and regional authorities and other parties who are interested in starting a health-related cooperation project.

23 Marts 2018

On this occasion, Vytenis Andriukaitis and other EU Commissioners urge leaders in Europe and beyond to take a multi-policy approach and address the social conditions that encourage its spread, in addition to mobilising funding for research, and ensuring access to preventative and curative healthcare for all.

22 Marts 2018

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments on the scientific evidence online until 6 May 2018.

08 Marts 2018

In his message, Commissioner Andriukaitis recalls the importance of health for all, without discrimination.

06 Marts 2018

The meeting, hosted by the USA Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), will bring together representatives from the four TATFAR members – the EU, USA, Canada and Norway - the WHO, and other partners from academia, industry, and Non-governmental organisations.

02 Marts 2018

Today, the EU Expert Group on Health Systems Performance Assessment (HSPA) publishes its report "A new drive for primary care in Europe: rethinking the assessment tools and methodologies" to help policy makers and health practitioners to set objectives and measure progress towards improving primary care services for the benefit of patients.