Health and Food Safety
Expert Panel on Effective ways of Investing in Health

About members

About members

Following an open call for expression of interest, experts were selected as members of the Expert Panel to provide advice on effective ways of investing in health. The Expert Panel consists of 14 members which were appointed on 24 November 2016 for a period of 3 years. The members are well-established independent scientists appointed in their personal capacity with extensive (more than 10 years) professional and multi-disciplinary experience in the fields of health planning and budget prioritisation, health services research, hospital and healthcare management, healthcare provision and health education and promotion.

In addition to attending plenary meetings, members may participate in Working Groups and at the request of the Commission in other activities which may necessitate their involvement.

When the Panel receives a request for scientific advice (the so called 'mandate') from the Commission, it usually establishes a Working Group to support its work on this mandate. . Working Groups consist of at least one member of the Panel that convened it. Due to the specific nature of the requests, in most cases additional, specific expertise is needed that is not available with the Panel. Therefore, a Working Groups may also include a number of external experts from the data base, from other community or Member State bodies, and from the scientific community at large.

External Experts are usually selected from the database of experts, via a systematic search (literature, publications, research projects, etc. or via an open call for experts. Members and External Experts of a Working Group are designated by its Chair in agreement with the Chair of the Panel and in collaboration with the Secretariat.

Working Groups are chaired either by a Panel member or an External Expert who has been associated by the Panel. The Panel designates a Rapporteur from among Members or External Experts participating in a Working Group. Rapporteurs are responsible for assembling information, editing and revising draft opinions and ensuring that draft reports and scientific opinions are prepared within a set time period. The Rapporteur also ensures that draft opinions are well structured, coherent, and written in a clear and simple language. The Rapporteur works in close co-operation with the Secretariat.

All experts participating need to declare commitment, confidentiality, and interests in the subject matter before participating in the work. Declarations of interests are updated orally at each meeting. The declarations will be published once the work on the particular subject matter has been concluded. Likewise, the composition of a Working Group is published only once an opinion has been approved by the Panel.