5th European Public Health Association Conference (EUPHA)

Malta, 7-10 November 2012

The Commission Directorate-General for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO) has participated in the EUPHA conference, an event co-funded by the second EU Health Programme.

Martin Seychell, DG SANCO's Deputy Director-General, was chairing the plenary session "Translating evidence into practice" and a poster session on "population health". The plenary session was aiming to shed light on how the generation, dissemination and application of evidence can better contribute to improvements in population health.

DG SANCO was also organising 2 workshops on "health information" and " Improving quality and safety for EU patients – EU legislation in the field of transfusion and transplantation". The first workshop was focusing on the improvement of cooperation and coordination of health information systems and on the "inequalities of data collection".

DG SANCO was present with:

  • a stand promoting Commission's health policies and actions funded under the EU Health Programme and the Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable campaign.
  • an exhibition of 27 posters of projects funded by the second EU Health Programme. These are compiled in the booklet 'EU Health Programme:  Selected projects' edition 2012, which will be available at the EU conference stand.

More information on the conference