15th European Health Forum Gastein

Bad Hofgastein, 3-6 October 2012

The European Commission participated in the 2012 edition of the European Health Forum Gastein, organising two parellel sessions on "Communicating Health" and the "European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing".

The parallel session on "Communicating Health", introduced by Paola Testori Coggi, Director General, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, was an opportunity to discuss about the challenge of communicating health both to citizens and policy makers.

The second parallel session on the "European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing", introduced by John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, was the occasion to get views from a broad range of stakeholders and anticipate the discussions that will occur during the first EIP 'Conference of Partners' in November.

Speech by Commissioner Dalli - Health in an age of austerity

Commissioner Dalli and Director General Paola Testori Coggi met also Young Gasteiner and journalists, thus discussing the main current issues on public health.

John Ryan, Acting Director for Public Health, participated in a workshop organised by the ECDC on vaccination and social media' Can social media really improve vaccination uptake?' He gave an insight about how the European Commission provides and communicates its expertise for the benefit of European citizens when it comes to the facts surrounding vaccination.

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