Newsletter 237 - Healthy Lifestyle

Health-EU newsletter 237 - Focus

Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle: where are we 2 years later?

Two years after the Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle, the initiative launched by Commissioners Tibor Navracsics, Vytenis Andriukaitis and Phil Hogan has marked significant progress in promoting healthy lifestyles.

Commissioners Navracsics, Andriukaitis and Hogan appreciate all the work undertaken jointly over that period and welcome the results achieved, in particular:

- More budget has been allocated to promoting healthy lifestyles at EU level.

- Targeted awareness raising campaigns and activities to promote healthy diets and physical activity have been organised.

- The European Commission supported the EU Member States and civil society by collecting, compiling sharing useful evidence and implementing relevant best practices.

- The European Parliament and the Council have actively cooperated with the European Commission to promote healthy lifestyles.

- Internal cooperation has been further strengthened among European Commission services.

Considering that this is only a first step and that further work needs to be done to address this important societal challenge, Commissioners Navracsics, Andriukaitis and Hogan call on civil society and the EU Member States to:

  1. Make the best use of available EU funding to carry out relevant initiatives, in particular addressing inequalities.
  2. Use sport as a powerful tool to promote healthy lifestyles, using the potential of sport clubs, non-organised sport, as well as existing key instruments such as the European Week of Sport.
  3. Take ambitious actions to promote and establish healthy diets among EU citizens to reduce obesity and non-communicable diseases. Raise awareness, notably among youth, of the importance of healthy diets and make the best use of the EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme.
  4. Enhance cooperation across relevant sectors including health, sports, education and agri-food, but also research, transport, marketing and urban planning.
  5. Promote physical activity and healthy diets at the workplace, to have a positive impact on overall employee behaviour.