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The Commission collaborates closely with the OECD. Key joint initiatives in the area of health can be found on this page.

Health at a glance: Europe

This series of reports is the result of collaboration between the OECD and the European Commission, with the help of national data correspondents from over 30 countries. First publication was released in 2010 and second in 2012.

Healthcare quality indicators

The OECD's healthcare quality indicators (HCQI) project tracks healthcare quality and differences across countries by developing indicators based on comparable data.

Ultimately, HCQI will represent the largest effort – in terms of the number of quality indicators and countries – ever undertaken to assess international healthcare quality.

Economics of prevention

The expected growth in the burden of chronic diseases is an increasing concern, particularly in relation to changing lifestyles.

The OECD project on the economics of prevention sought to determine whether efforts should be made to prevent non-communicable diseases rather than accept the consequences of treating and managing them.

Health Workforce

In recent years, concerns about shortages of health workers have emerged in OECD and EU countries.

The international migration of health workforce was examined to better inform the national and international dialogue.

The role of education, international migration and health workforce management policies were identified as substantial for achieving sustainable health workforce.

Particular attention was paid on the long term care workforce and countries' strategies to adapt supply to a growing demand.