European Reference Networks

Webinar on COVID-19 in patients with rare diseases of the respiratory system

30 April 2020

  • Agenda
  • Video recording
  • Presentations of the speakers

    Thomas O. F. Wagner
    Coordinator of ERNLUNG (Frankfurt, Germany)
    Isabelle Fajac
    President of the European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS) and Member of ERN-LUNG (Paris, France)
    Michael Kreuter
    Co-Chair of the ILD Core Network of ERN-LUNG Interstitial Lung Disease patients (Heidelberg, Germany)
    Geert Verleden
    Co-Chair of the Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction Core Network of ERN-LUNG Lung Transplant patients (Leuven, Belgium) 
    Marc Humbert
    President elect of the ERS, ViceCoordinator of ERN-LUNG and co-Chair of the PH Core Network of ERN-LUNG  Pulmonary Hypertension patients (Paris, France)
    Heymut Omran
    Co-Chair of the PCD Core Network of ERN-LUNG PCD patients (Münster, Germany)