European Reference Networks

4th conference on European Reference Networks

21-22 November 2018

About the Conference

The 4th ERN Conference opened a new stage in the networks' lifecycle, namely the deployment phase. After an intensive period of preparatory actions and awareness raising , the first 24 ERNs are operational. While outcomes and success stories have already been delivered since their launch in March 2017, numerous aspects still needed to be considered to consolidate the work and results achieved so far. This conference intended to present the main clinical and organisational outcomes of the networks, as well as to identify the challenges and margins for future improvements.

This two-day event gathered more than 400 participants – National authorities, healthcare providers members of the ERNs, health professionals, hospital managers, patients' representatives, EU Institutions – to share and discuss the results achieved so far and the challenges ahead.

The event proposed a series of plenary sessions addressing the state of play of the ERNs, the tools and resources for their deployment, the EU political and institutional commitment, as well as the challenges and the integration of the ERNs into the healthcare systems. Eight parallel sessions moreover focused on specific aspects: ERN showcases; Quality assessment, monitoring and evaluation of the networks; Epidemiological and Clinical Research and data challenges; Hospital's management and ERNs; ERNs Sustainability; Patient-Healthcare professional partnerships in ERNs; Clinical guidelines and knowledge generation; and New medicaments, medical devices, clinical trials & stakeholders support.. The Belgian minister for health Maggie De Block officially opened the conference. Commissioners Vytenis Andriukaitis (Health & Food Safety), Mariya Gabriel (Digital Economy and Society), and Françoise Grossetête (Member of the European Parliament) presented and discussed the EU political and institutional commitment to the ERNs (plenary session III, 21st November).

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The participation in this conference was restricted to the ERNs members and the stakeholders actively involved in the development of the initiative, including Member States national authorities, patients' representatives and healthcare professionals.

Video recordings of the Conference are available hereafter:

21 November 2018

22 November 2018