European Reference Networks

Hospital Managers’ meeting

16-17 May 2019

About the meeting

The main aim of the 3rd meeting of Hospital managers was to consolidate their role in the ERNs system and to help facilitating the activities and strategic position of those hospitals hosting an ERN member and those who will be doing it in the future.

The meeting was organized by the European Commission - DG SANTE and hosted by the Hôpital Saint Louis in Paris. The meeting took place in Paris on 16th and 17th May 2019, and was attended by 75 participants including 54 hospital mangers, ERNs coordinators, Member States representatives, patient organisations and other stakeholders and experts in the field of rare diseases and ERNs.

In the process of development of the European Reference Networks (ERNs), the ERN hospital managers play an important role in ensuring the performance and sustainability of the ERNs, obtaining and allocating the necessary resources to facilitate the operation of the ERNs, and contributing to training and research activities.

This was the third meeting organized for the Hospital managers since the creation of the ERNs in 2017. The ERN hospital managers’ community includes the CEOs or Directors of the more than 300 hospitals where a member of the 24 ERNs is located. Currently 25 UE Member States plus Norway are participating in the ERNs system.



1st Plenary session: The tertiary care hospital of the future

2nd Plenary session: Adjusting hospital financing to new roles and low prevalence conditions

Workshops sessions: sharing best practices to help ERN:

Workshop N° 1: communication, eTraining and eLearning actions on ERNs

Workshop N° 2: sharing best practices to help ERN on data management

Workshop N° 3: sharing best practices to help ERN on human potential

Workshop N°4 : sharing best practices to help ERN on transversal support services

3rd Plenary session: Outcomes of the workshops and discussion

4th Plenary session: Wrap-up session of the 1st day meeting and ‘The ERNs environment and actors: dialogue with the ERN managers’