Endocrine disruptors

Impact assessment

The European Commission  carried out a comprehensive impact assessment to  analyse different options for defining the criteria for the identification of endocrine disruptors following standard rules for impact assessments in the context of policy making.

The roadmap of the impact assessment was published in June 2014.

The impact assessment is now published, together with its executive summary .

A study which estimated which chemicals would be identified as endocrine disruptors under the different options for the criteria was used as a first input into the impact assessment.

As a basis for this study, the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the Commission developed a screening methodology. An external independent contractor applied the JRC-methodology to screen the available evidence of approximately 600 chemicals. The screening started in May 2015 and sequentially covered active substances used in plant protection and biocide products, as well as a selection of substances falling under REACH Regulation, the cosmetic products Regulation and the Water Framework Directive. The contractor was selected following public procurement rules using the Framework Contract (FWC) SANCO/2012/02/011. The contractor is bound by conflict of interest and confidentiality rules.