Electromagnetic fields

Citizens' view

Since 1973, the European Commission has undertaken EU-wide citizen surveys to monitor changes in public opinion in EU countries. One of these Eurobarometer surveys looked at citizens’ views on possible health risks from electromagnetic fields.

A 2007 Eurobarometer survey on this issue showed a fairly even split between those who were ‘concerned’ and those who were ‘not concerned’. Most European citizens nevertheless felt that national governments could do more to prevent possible health risks from electromagnetic fields and to inform the public.

A 2010 follow up Eurobarometer survey (+ Annexes) showed that slightly fewer people were concerned about the possible risks (46 % instead of 48 %) but showed that most European citizens still wanted national authorities to do more to prevent these risks and to inform the public about them. Almost half of respondents wanted the European Commission to do more in these areas too.

In 2011, the Commission held discussions with individuals and organisations that had an interest in electromagnetic fields.