eHealth : Digital health and care

15th Meeting of the eHealth Network (Bucharest, 11-12 June 2019)

Agenda, minutes

Meeting documents

Agenda point 1: eHDSI implementation

Topic 1.1. :Go-live decision to exchange ePrescription and Patient Summary through the eHDSI

Topic 1.2.: International Patient Summary

Topic 1.3.: Transition from unplanned to planned care. Revision of ePrescription and Patient
Summary guidelines

Topic 1.4.: Communication activities for the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure

Topic 1.5.: European Court of Auditors report on the implementation of Cross-Border Healthcare Directive

Agenda point 2. Interoperability and Sustainability

Topic 2.1. D6.1: Roadmap on future eHDSI use cases and features – eHAction

Topic 2.2. D6.2: eHDSI legal report – eHAction

Topic 2.3. D7.1: Guidelines for IT interoperability – eHAction

Topic 2.4. D8.2.2: Common Semantic Strategy – eHAction

Topic 2.5. D8.1: Information note on integration in national policies and sustainability – eHAction

Topic 2.6. D7.2: Best practices report on data protection at national level – eHAction

Agenda point 3. Patient Empowerment & Patient Access to Health Data - mHealth, Telehealth, Patient Literacy and Patient access

Topic 3.1. D4.1: Policy Framework on People Empowerment – eHAction

Topic 3.2. D6.3: Report on e-skills for professionals (2nd Information Note) – eHAction

Agenda point 4. Brainstorming with EU Agencies and stakeholders on eHealth activities

Topic 4.1. Expert panel - assessing the impact of digital transformation of health services

Topic 4.2. Immunisation / vaccination
4.2.1. Activities on communicable diseases – ECDC

4.2.2. Update on coordination efforts between eHAction and Joint Action on vaccination

Topic 4.3. Cybersecurity
4.3.1. D7.3: Report on Common Security framework for eHealth (Information note) – eHAction

4.3.2. Activities on cybersecurity – ENISA

Topic 4.4. Use of health data, big data, health analytics
4.4.1. D5.2: Report on Identified cross-border use cases: sharing and learning from best practices on European level (draft) – eHAction

4.4.2. D5.1: Report on policy action on innovative use of big data in health – eHAction

4.4.3. Activities on big data – EMA

Agenda point 5. EU eHealth Sustainability and Planning (session I)

Topic 5.1. Two years plan of the eHealth Network meetings and sustainability

Agenda point 6. National eHealth Strategy

Topic 6.1. Presentation of Romania

Agenda point 7. AOB

Agenda point 8. EU eHealth Sustainability and Planning (session II)

Topic 8.1. Commission Recommendation (C(2019)800) on a European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format

Agenda point 9. Investment guidelines

Topic 9.1. Digital health opportunities in the next MFF

Topic 9.2. Draft eHealth Network guidelines on an interoperable eco-system for digital health and in investment programmes for a new/updated generation of digital infrastructure in Europe

Agenda point 10. Future work on regulatory gaps

Topic 10.1. Regulatory gaps of new and disruptive technologies in the field of digital health