eHealth : Digital health and care

14th Meeting of the eHealth Network (Brussels, 13 November 2018)

Agenda, list of participants, minutes

Meeting documents

Agenda point 1: State-of-play on the implementation of the Communication on the Digital Transformation in Health and Care

Topic 1a: Review of the Implementing Decision on providing the rules for the establishment, the management and the functioning of the network of national responsible authorities on eHealth (2011/890/EU)

Topic 1b: Discussion on the Electronic Health Record exchange Format (EHRxF)

Topic 1C: EU action on immunization and information

Agenda point 2: Investment in eHealth digital infrastructure 

Topic 2a: Follow up of informal Health Council of 11 October 2018 under the Austrian Presidency: guidelines for targeted EU-wide support and investments in eHealth infrastructure

Topic 2b: Reporting from the survey regarding the development of the guideline for targeted EU-wide support and investments in eHealth infrastructure

Agenda point 3: eHDSI implementation

Topics 3a and 3b: Go-live decision to exchange ePrescription and Patient Summary through the eHDSI and State-of-play of signing the Multilateral Legal Agreement

Topic 3c: eHDSI Work Plan 2019

Agenda point 4: eHAction

Topic 4a: Introduction - eHAction

Topic 4b: eHealth Network - subgroup on mHealth

Topic 4c: eHAction deliverables

Topic 4d: State-of-play on EU Common Semantic Strategy (CSS) in eHealth

Agenda point 5: Other eHealth-related topics

Topic 5a: Market study on Telemedicine

Topic 5b: Report back from the eHealth Stakeholder Group meeting of 12 October 2018