Elektronische Gesundheitsdienste (eHealth)

11th meeting of the eHealth Network (Malta, 9 May 2017)

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Agenda, list of participants, minutes

Meeting documents

Topic 1. EU strategy and activities on eHealth

Agenda Points 1 and 2) Digital Single Market Strategy & Implications for future work eHealth Network

Agenda Point 3) 3rd Joint Action on eHealth

Agenda Point 4) Draft eHealth network multiannual work programme 2018-2021

Topic 2. Implementation of the eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure

Agenda Point 5) Policy paper on how to assess Member States overall readiness to go live & recommendation report to Go Live

Agenda Point 6) Policy Paper on eID specific framework for eHealth – Release1

Agenda Point 7) Guideline on the Interoperability of Electronic Professional Registries

Agenda Point 8) State-of-play on European Reference Networks

Topic 3. Agreement for the exchange of health data

Agenda Point 9) Agreement between National Authorities or National Organisations responsible for National Contact Points for eHealth on the Criteria required for the participation in CBeHIS

Topic 4. mHealth

Agenda Point 10) Report state-of-play of the sub-group on mHealth

Topic 5. eHealth interoperability and standardisation

Agenda Point 11) Preliminary Report on European semantic interoperability in eHealth

Agenda Point 12) Preliminary report on proposing actions to promote the use of common standards or technical specifications in eHealth within the EU

Topic 6. Cybersecurity

Agenda Point 13) ENISA cybersecurity activities

Topic 7. Secondary use and access to health data

Agenda Point 14) Report on how to handle health data for purposes other than patient care

Agenda Point 15) Draft report EU state of play on patient access on eHealth data

Topic 8. National eHealth strategies, EU projects, and other eHealth-related developments

Agenda Point 16) Digital Health Strategy Malta

Agenda Point 17) ValueHealth project

Agenda Point 18) Personal Connected Health Alliance

Agenda Point 19) Report on the establishment of a platform for the sharing of national eHealth strategies

Agenda Point 20) Information paper on supporting preparatory convergence meetings between eHN and WHO

Other documentation